The Center for Design Engagement (C*DE), is a 501(3)(c) non-profit community art and design resource center. The C*DE is dedicated to providing progressive design, innovative public art and civic engagement services in Western Massachusetts—particularly in underrepresented communities. We engage in reflective planning, promote imaginative partnerships and craft participatory art and design platforms to support inclusive community engagement. Through projects that range from conceptual design, public art installations, creative placemaking, visioning processes and community education, we strive to provide concrete benefits for residents across a wide socio-economic and cultural spectrum. Drawing from community-based participatory research, critical pedagogies and reciprocal public engagement our projects are developed collaboratively with community partners and respond directly to local social/cultural issues. We explore new forms of community representation and work to build equitable, socially just and sustainable places. Our projects typically involve consulting with a community-based organization or governmental agency to develop processes and products that creatively solve the artistic, spatial and/or built environment needs of neighborhoods, towns and cities within our region.